• Congratulations Downtown Summerlin

    Congratulations Downtown Summerlin

    Downtown Summerlin recognized at the 2016 U.S. Design and Development Awards competition for excellence in innovation and creativity in the retail real estate industry.

  • Arden Fair

    Arden Fair

    Arden Fair has established a new civic presence in Sacramento with the expansion and renovation of an existing single-level regional shopping center into a 1.2 million sf, two-level galleria regional shopping center with major department stores.

  • Ayala Center Cebu

    Ayala Center Cebu

    Building on the strengths of an existing shopping center in the Cebu Business park, the two phase renovation and expansion of the center created new indoor and outdoor venues expanding retail offerings and amenities.

  • Bonifacio High Street

    Bonifacio High Street

    Bonifacio High Street is the newest place to see and be seen. As the first building of its type, with a main street presence and civic character, it is the focal point for what will be the next mega-city in Metropolitan Manila.

  • Central World

    Central World

    When it opened Central World Plaza created a brand new market in Bangkok with a breadth of offerings and experiences that amped up the competition.

  • Engine Co. No. 28

    Engine Co. No. 28

    Originally built in 1912 this state-of-the-art fire­house was one of the first reinforced-concreted stations in the area. In 1979 it was registered as an historic landmark, remaining vacant until 1986 when it underwent restoration and adaptive reuse.

  • Fashion Show

    Fashion Show

    The Fashion Show was a game-changer. It bought sophisticated technology — super-sized LED screens suspended 180 feet in the air bring visual entertainment, shade and an iconic identity to potential shoppers right on the street.

  • Fashion Valley

    Fashion Valley

    The formerly suburban site is now part of the heavily trafficked, urban fabric of greater San Diego. Constrained on the north and south by parking structures, and bounded by the river, transit station, and trolley lines on the south, the center needed a visible urban face, where there was little room for it.

  • GoodZone - Kashirskoye

    GoodZone - Kashirskoye

    A convenient destination for local shoppers and travelers alike. The mall and the merchandise are designed to meet the market mix.

  • Southwestern School of Law

    Southwestern School of Law

    The conversion of the historic 1929 Bullock's Wilshire department store building into a state-of-the-art library for the Southwestern University School of Law preserved the famous architectural details of the so-called “Cathedral of Commerce”.

  • Tarsu


    Tarsus has remained a vital urban environment for centuries. It was important that our design capture that sense of historic continuity in this new center that is now part of the city’s future.

  • The Gardens on El Paseo

    The Gardens on El Paseo

    Designed as a series of formal composition of buildings, paseos, nodes and civic spaces, The Gardens on El Paseo is an open-air complex that combines retail facilities and pedestrian amenities that includes a resort specialty store, a variety of shops, and upscale restaurants.

  • The Shoppes at Mission Viejo

    The Shoppes at Mission Viejo

    The renovation and horizontal expansion of this 1.3 million SF super-regional center is literally turning night to day, illuminating The Shops at Mission Viejo’s dark, closed interior with skylights and reflective flooring.

  • The Shops at Tanforan

    The Shops at Tanforan

    The 1.6 million SF renovation and expansion of Tanforan Park Mall transforms the suburban shopping center into a multi-modal, mixed-use commercial complex, establishing a new model for community development in California.

  • Waikiki Beach Walk

    Waikiki Beach Walk

    Large-scale, mixed-use redevelopment projects always require the careful integration of multiple complex parts and multidisciplinary team members.