Re-imagine the commercial model

06-May-2016  -  By: STIR Architecture
Evolving the retail prototype.

Thinking beyond the obvious.

04-May-2016  -  By: STIR Architecture
Dynamic and interactive architectural design process.

Transit related developments

28-Apr-2016  -  By: STIR Architecture
Designing for the people; how to deliver positive civic outcomes.

Bringing buildings to life.

26-Apr-2016  -  By: STIR Architecture
Gary Dempster gets the job done

Social gatherings and civic spaces

21-Apr-2016  -  By: STIR Architecture
Creating engaging community assets

Collaboration and Creativity

13-Apr-2016  -  By: STIR Architecture
Collaboration and creativity are design tools we use to give voice to communities wherever we practice globally.

Big Dreams

11-Apr-2016  -  By: STIR Architecture
Big dreams create the magic that STIR our souls to greatness.

Summerlin...beyond the Strip

01-Mar-2016  -  By: Altoon Partners
Downtown Summerlin is part of larger vision for the Summerlin community, which has been developing for 25 years and is still growing —complete it will have retail, entertainment, office and multi-family residences. Our town planning framework, with multiple blocks and room for infill development, allows for flexibility and adaptability as community and market demands evolve over time.

USC Women's Conference

06-Mar-2015  -  By: Danli Chan and Avery Miller
The annual Women’s Conference at USC was an opportunity to hear from accomplished women in various fields. Speakers included alumni who have managed to excel and thrive to astonishing degrees.

Powerful Symposium

02-Mar-2015  -  By: Deirdre Stearns
Over 200 women and men gathered at Skylight Studios in Century City, CA to listen and talk about gender equality in the architecture profession at the Powerful Symposium given by the AIA|LA on February 27, 2015.

My Entertainment Experience Evolution

20-Feb-2015  -  By: James C Auld
Sponsored by Shopping Center Business magazine, supported by the AIA Retail and Entertainment Knowledge Community and held at LA Live, the recent Entertainment Evolution Experience Conference brought together a broad mix of players that are shaping the next generation of retail/entertainment destinations.

Mentorship is key

01-Dec-2014  -  By: Altoon Partners
At Altoon Partners we practice architecture as a team sport. Right-sized, agile and strategic in our goals and our design, we understand that every member of the firm has a contribution to make. That’s why everyone — from the partners to the newest intern — is fully engaged with our projects, clients and one another.

How to design great buildings 101

27-Aug-2014  -  By: Gary Dempster
As part of the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) Professional Certification Program, I presented a session entitled “Design Principles.” I think of it as “How to Design Great Buildings 101”.