Tapping into our global platform to make world-class local buildings

STIR Architecture works with developers, local governments, community groups and consultants on the critical issues that are reshaping our world.  Sustainable design, the regeneration of urban centers, the balance between public places and private space, the exploration of new technologies— we are fully engaged in #CreatingBetterEnvironments for living, working and playing.

Right-sized, agile, and strategic in our goals and our design, we have earned a reputation at home and abroad among clients seeking innovation and quality. The partnership consistently wins commissions for landmark projects that require a deep understanding of the multiple components of mixed-use, a strong grasp of the real estate development business as well as of the cultural, political and contextual challenges that inevitably accompany such architecture.

Leveraging an increasingly global platform, the firm has found opportunities in the challenges of other geographies and cultures to expand our architectural portfolio from the retail to a diverse collection of buildings. Most often based on an engagement with retail or proximity to it, the firm has pioneered successful projects that support transit uses, transit-oriented development, mixed-use, office, hotel, residential, academic, and historic preservation.  Many of the projects are breakthrough examples of building typologies that create new solutions to demands of commerce, community and context.


Creating contemporary buildings that are clearly of their place and time, we expect our projects to make thoughtful connections to the rich and diverse cultures and climates, geography and heritage of their community. Whether it’s an iconic statement or a quiet solution, a commercial complex or an institutional building, we design for the people who use our places and spaces.

Decades before sustainable standards were established, we worked to respect limited natural resources and to be energy efficient. Today we are committed to revitalizing traditional town centers, to creating versatile, efficient mixed-use projects, and adapting of existing building stock for new purposes— to creating a sustainable future.

Our clients represent the commercial, institutional and civic interests of their communities. Through our engagement with clients and stakeholders, our projects consistently meet, and often exceed, not only investment or institutional objects but also important civic and social goals.


  • Founded in 1984 in Los Angeles, California
  • 38 buildings completed or in construction in 19 countries
  • $12 billion in completed construction value (in yesterday’s dollars)

Since its founding in 1984 the firm has evolved from a medium-sized regional practice with a single area of expertise to a global practice able to compete against firms many times its size for complex, mutli-use buildings.

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