Raising the retail bar

“When it opened Central World Plaza created a brand new market in Bangkok with a breadth of offerings and experiences that amped up the competition. Now we are back updating the project adding a couture component to the successful mix and raising the retail bar.”

“Main and Main” in Bangkok is at Central World Plaza, the civic heart of the city’s main shopping district. This project, with its visually stunning seven-story high, 350-meter long digital Media Wall looking out on the plaza complete with fountains and gardens, has been redeveloped as a mixed-use center that has become the city’s “see and be seen” destination. Central World introduced a wide variety of shopping experiences to the market through the five individually defined retail “Rooms” offering fashion, lifestyle, children, restaurants and leisure.

Retail, a 50-story office tower, four-star hotel, a full convention center, entertainment and leisure space are all a part this catalyst development that transformed the market.

2009 ICSC Asia Shopping Center Award Winner


Central World
Bangkok, Thailand

Central Pattana Property Investment + Development

  • Associate Architect/s: A49
  • 220,000 sm
  • Design: 2003
  • Completion: 2006

Creating better environments
for living, working & playing.