Underground station gets “Top Floor” treatment

“The open layout, decorated surfaces and warm artificial lighting create a comfortable environment that softens the effects of the underground, low-ceiling location. Taut wings of Teflon-coated fabric shield pedestrians from the elements, while providing a central focus and public visibility.”

A suburban station that is part of Singapore’s Northeast Line Expansion, Buangkok Station is sited in a high-density residential estate filled with multi-story towers. While the civil defense program required the segregation of the station interiors from the exterior, the use of gracious ceiling forms, light colors and materials mitigate the separation. The idea of a big Singapore sky is represented in the central platform and surrounding mezzanine levels with a gentle vault in the station interior ceiling. The use of glass and stainless steel railings around the mezzanine allows a very open experience and allows high degrees of visibility in a very compact interior space.

The above ground portions of the station straddle the divided road with two structures that provide for kiss ‘n ride, bus and taxi pick-up and drop-off. The interlinked steel structures, covered in tensile Teflon coated fiberglass cover all major transit components and provide protection from tropical rain, sun, heat and ultraviolet light.

Buangkok Station


Land Transportation Authority

  • Transit Station
  • Retail
  • Completion: 1998

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