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“Our approach to the protecting the Siquiros mural was about more than preserving the artifact; it was about honoring the larger idea with the creation of public destination and a forum for educational events in the historic city center.”

To the rescue: after years of neglect, David Alfaro Siqueiros’ 1932 mural, “America Tropical,” had fallen into a critical state of disrepair. Long considered to be a controversial work, the beloved cultural artifact remains a sacred icon for the city’s vibrant Latino community. In an effort to save the deteriorating masterpiece, the Getty Conservation Institute commissioned Stir Architecture (formerly Altoon Partners) to design a shape structure which would protect the work from future environmental damage while enabling visitors to enjoy the mural in an instructional setting located on on the site of the city’s original Hispanic settlement. The solution, which features a lightweight fabric struture that protects and frames the mural, recalls the traditional fabric awnings of the Latino markets.
  • 2000 Merit Award, Unbuilt Project, AIA Pasadena & Foothill Chapter

Siqueiros Mural Shade Structure

Los Angeles, California

The Getty Conservation Trust

  • Design: Winter 1998

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