Turning the rules of retail upside down in the “Land Down Under”

“The unexpected use of both aboriginal and British heritage and iconography and the the project’s location at the confluence of three ecological zones — hillside, valley and beachfront informed the design.”

The renovation and expansion of Warringah Mall in northern Sydney captures the beachside ambiance of the 16-hectare site, while adding two new spaces: an interior room and exterior place for public gatherings as well as additional tenant spaces. The ddiversity of climatic conditions in the region generated a complex that is equally diverse in its architeture — from enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces to a retail wing that was left completely open to the air. Trellises, arcades, skylights, and translucent fabric roof systems enhance the experience by maximizing natural light and connections to the landscape.

The once disparate retail spaces were organized into a series of “neighborhoods” that respond to the casual lifestyle of the Northern Beaches. An inviting open-air court creates a communal, civic space at the center of the mall. Glass-covered spines connect the courtyard with the various neighborhoods and orient visitors as they move throughout the complex.

  • 2000 ICSC International Design & Development Award Winner

Warringah Mall

Brookvale, Sydney, NSW, Australia

AMP Henderson Global Investors Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • 1,197,943 SF
  • 272 Tenants
  • 4,700 Parking Spaces
  • Completion: 1998

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