Education +
Programming Expertise

Educational institutions transcend generations and we believe that their architecture should, too. More than recognizable icons, they serve as placeholders for our collective memories.

Creating real communal environments

Schools and universities, libraries, museums – institutions play a crucial, social role in our communities. In a world defined increasingly by virtual communities and ephemeral images, public and private institutions realize their responsibility in the creation of real communal environments where the offering is as substantive as it is seductive. In response to the missions and programs of our institutional clients, we create buildings of civic quality and commercial vitality within the economic constraints of sound business practice.

Working closely with our clients, we optimize the ways in which their facilities can best attract and serve the users and, at the same time, represent the values of the institution. We explore the universal issues of context and identity as well as the specific concerns of institutional leaders, such as vision, stewardship, and tradition. Our projects provide contemporary architecture that meets the complex evolving program demands of thriving institutions and sustains a sense of legacy.