Interior Architecture Expertise

Interior space provides our most intimate experience of architecture. The challenge, especially for commercial buildings that must adapt to a variety of changing uses, is to create interior architecture that endures while remaining fresh and functional.

The inside experience

As designers of a wide range of building typologies, we conceive of our projects as cohesive environments. As public plazas and shaded walkways lead to lobbies, shops and offices the transitions are smooth and the paths well-defined—there’s single sense of place. Yet, we understand that once inside, expectations change, we are invited experience the space tactually as well as visually.  Whether it’s the grand hall in retail center or a creative workplace, we design with the ultimate user in mind. How will they navigate the space? Is the lighting appropriate for the use? Are the materials as durable and easy to maintain as they are attractive?  What does the space say about the merchant, the organization, the community? Considering the developer and property manager’s perspective, we design for future change. We plan for growth, for new technologies, for the next tenant. Given our multi-decade experience, we know our way around the inside.