Mixed Use Expertise

Mixed-use developments, situated at the intersection of demographics, finance, real estate and public sector demands, are tasked with the agendas of their diverse partners. Developers, merchants, hoteliers, entertainment giants, corporate office tenants and even parking garage companies all vie for an advantage in identity or access.

Reinforce the vitality of a true mix

Differing demands, differing desires compete for a singular solution. Years of experience integrating these interests on complex projects have taught us the importance of creating a shared vision and achieving consensus across a community of invested stakeholders. Our projects give a high profile image to the individual uses while providing the delicate linkages needed to reinforce the vitality of a true mix.

The firm has found success with mixed-use, projects-based urban frameworks that support a broad mix of complementary components. Rather than simply co-locating office, hospitality, leisure, residential and transit uses, we focus on creating city-like plans that feature a mix of landmark structures, gathering nodes, districts and distinct edges. This approach has allowed us to design larger, more diverse environments that offer the users a variety of venues and experiences. Our projects have ushered in a new era of mixed-use development that has led to both architectural and commercial success.