Transit + TOD Expertise

Transit related development projects come in many forms. There is no single formula. These developments are the marriage of a public sector mandate – to create more livable and sustainable cities – and private sector vision – to realize successful real estate investments. Our challenge is to realize both.

Defining 21st century travel

Modern transportation infrastructure provides an opportunity for public place making not seen since the grand train stations of the 19th century terminals and that’s where our experience with mixed-use facilities matters. Our projects create the stage for the complex set of functions that define 21st century travel.

We understand that transit related developments live at the intersection of the values, issues and priorities of their public and private sector partners. Our job is to help deliver positive civic outcomes through their design. With our long history of designing people-oriented public spaces we focus on integrating the real estate development with the transit system, paying special attention to the linkages and impacts as well as the hoped-for benefits.