One Size ≠ Fits All

By: James C. Auld • AIA • CDP
One size never did fit all in the marketplace, although the astonishing number of look-alike shopping centers and strip malls would belie the fact. As we work with our clients to reshape the retail landscape, we see the demand for a variety of shopping solutions tailored to the needs and aspirations of different communities, generations, and individuals as well the business goals of investor, developers, and merchants.

New Downtown

Over the last few decades, entire towns have been developed with new neighborhoods providing a range of housing options, parks and recreation. Yet, it is the arrival of a vibrant of mix of uses arrayed in a pedestrian-friendly urban plan that gives the community a sense of place and a true downtown. The inverse is true too, when a busy, well-designed center spurs residential development nearby.

Classic Mall

There are design solutions that provide enduring value. Such is the case for the classic mall, which in the right location, with the right demographics, and right retail mix serves the shopping public and merchants as well.

Transit Oriented Retail

Everyday thousands of people pass through the great urban transit centers, rushing to catch the next train or bus. These crossroads with their mix of passengers are ideal locations for retail. From shops that cater to the passers-through to destination retail that serves an entire region, transit-oriented retail unites public and private investment to serve civic and commercial interests.


James C. Auld, AIA, CDP
STIR Architecture