Reshaping Retail

By: James C. Auld • AIA • CDP
One size never did fit all in the marketplace, although the astonishing number of look-alike shopping centers and strip malls would belie the fact. As we work with our clients to reshape the retail landscape, we see the demand for a variety of shopping solutions tailored to the needs and aspirations of different communities, generations, and individuals as well the business goals of investor, developers, and merchants.

Community Retail

Small centers serve big community needs for service-focused retail. Morning coffee, a haircut on lunch break, takeout for supper and a stop at the cleaners—community retail is there for its customers.

Streetscape Transformation

Smart merchants understand that it isn’t just their stores that attract shoppers. The space outside the doors can be a powerful lure, especially when the streetscape provides the charm, comfort, and convenience that encourage lingering. From landscaping to WiFi and everything in between, it’s in the creative details.

New Neighborhoods

As older communities evolve, adding a mix of housing and attracting new residents, older retail models no longer meet the market. Main Street 2.0, the emerging neighborhood model, combines a variety of shops, entertainment and dining venues, as well as parklets and gathering spots for residents to enjoy


James C. Auld, AIA, CDP
STIR Architecture