The Summer Intern

By: Dayana Rojas, Intern
Being part of STIR has given me many opportunities to grow. On a daily basis, I get to use new skills that I have learned as part of my contribution to projects. Teamwork, efficiency, and clarity are key to working on group projects and I have come to appreciate my team’s willingness to entrust everyone with the freedom to test ideas. Everyone gets a chance to design and demonstrate their creativity.

STIR is dynamic. From concept design, meetings with clients, planning fun events, participating in ‘Lunch & Learns’, to informative group learning sessions taught by the partners of the firm—every activity has allowed me to use my communication and social skills, and, most importantly, expand my knowledge.

One of my favorite events was the STIR Summer Picnic. Held at Vista Hermosa Natural Park, it was my first firm picnic and first time visiting the park. It’s a little, hidden green island, an urban recreational area that encourages people to enjoy the outdoors while exploring many of its meandering paths. My family and I had the chance to explore and enjoy the natural landscape and incredible framed views. As we reached the picnic area, the inviting ambiance allowed my family and me the opportunity to connect with my co-workers on a personal level. I was able to meet their families and they met mine as we shared delicious food.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to showcase our game skills. We played giant Jenga, Giant Uno and Jumbo Bananagrams. My personal favorite was Pictionary, mostly because I like to draw, but also because everyone was so engaged in the game. I enjoyed the friendly competition and the fun atmosphere. My little brother experienced the picnic to the maximum. He felt at home right away. He actively participated in the games and even became the tie breaker in Pictionary.

After a few short weeks, I feel that I have become part of the STIR family. Like a family, we strengthen our skills together. I know I am fortunate to have understanding mentors, who I admire, at work and I look forward to more opportunities. And more fun events.

Dayana Rojas
STIR Architecture