Reinforcing strong, urban characteristics

Radom lies at the very intersection of road and rail routes connecting east to west and north to south of Poland. As a result there has been a legacy of commerce and trade that defines the urban fabric of the city. Galeria Słoneczna is designed to compliment and reinforce the strong urban characteristics of the city as defined by Radom’s collection of meaningful civic spaces.

Galeria Słoneczna is a 43,000 SM, two-level, urban retail and entertainment center, located in walking distance from the old town center of Radom. The project is part of a larger mixed use development and of the pedestrian routing through the city. Sequences of individually designed public spaces reflect the urban context and the project’s connectivity to the nearby squares of the city center. To achieve visual integration with the historic city center the façade is designed as a collection of multiple volumes varying in size, color and materialization.

Galeria Słoneczna

Radom, Poland


Part of a master plan that includes an aquatic center and housing.

  • 42,000 sm gla on two levels
  • 1,250 structured parking spaces
  • Completion: 2011

Creating better environments
for living, working & playing