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“The California NanoSystems Institute Laboratory houses collaborative, cutting-edge research in innovative spaces. The central courtyard, framed by the Institute and its parking garage, that symbolizes the shared nature of research and creates a place for community.”

Located on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, the 110,000-square-foot California NanoSystems Institute contains a variety of laboratory spaces that support nonosciences research in the nanosciences as well as a café and a 600-car parking garage.

The lobby is located at the juncture where the laboratory and garage meet. A colonnade wraps around the courtyard, joining the two volumes. The facades have limestone and concrete surfaces, and the east façade doubles as a screen for projected images. The state-of-the-art facilities contain modular laboratories, life sciences laboratories, a fully immersive presentation space, and other research spaces for the study of nanosystems, spectroscopy, and imaging. They also include the University’s progressive Media Arts and Technology and Performance department, conference rooms, and faculty offices.

UCSB California NanoSystems Institute

Santa Barbara, California

University of California, Santa Barbara

55,000 gsf student center
mixed-use building

  • 110,000 GSF,
  • Fully Immersive Theatre
  • State-of-the-Art Bio-Nano Fabrication Core Facility
  • 600 Car Parking Structure
  • 160-Seat Cafe
  • Completion: 2006

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